Rogue Wolf

Oldenglen is a special place near Jax’s home in southern Oregon. Having his life uprooted from life in England was difficult for him. However, school wasn’t his salvation, but the magical relationship he discovered with this unique forest and the creatures who live within as well as the trust and friendship with each other.

Keeping the area protected is always a constant challenge. With the ever-expanding new housing developments for humans threatening the natural habitats of the wild creatures while keeping the balance of nature between the expanding population of people and nature.

Balances within Oldenglen are also difficult to maintain. Providing food for all creatures requires just the correct proportion between predators and prey. Too many prey demands massive amounts of plants and small creatures, while predators must depend on an abundance of prey, otherwise they starve.

Oldenglen now is facing two challenges.

The first involves some new visitors, eleven wolves. The problem is that this area of the glen cannot possibly feed that many without decimating the population of the prey animals. How does anyone convince the wolves to leave the area? How many creatures will be food for this pack?With their needs for food, the local ranchers raising sheep and cows are fearful for the survival of their herds. They see the only solution is to have the wolves killed.

Another problem bothering Jax and Sarah is the existence of two nearby poachers who are renting from Sarah’s grandfather. Can they possibly save the young eagle that was captured?

Rogue Wolf is the third book in this projected five book series. This Oldenglen series should be read in order. Minimally, all readers need to read the first book, Oldenglen to understand the characters and their relationships and history individually and with each other.

Oldenglen, the first book in the series has been the recipient of many awards including a Silver Medal at the 2016 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards for The Bill Fisher Award for the Best First Book: Children’s Young Adult, and Second Place in the Reader Views Literary Awards 2015/2016 for ages 12-16.

Book Two, Lone Wolf also won numerous awards. It was a Red Ribbon Winner in The Wishing Shelf Book, a finalist in the 2016 Foreward Indies for Juvenile Fiction, a Silver Medalist in the 2017 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards for Young Readers, and an Honorable Mention in the Readers Views Literary Awards 2016/2017.

In all these books, including this one, all the characters are believable and realistic including the animals which stay true to the creature and have personalities while magically communicating with Jax.

With the theme of balance, friendship, and anti-bullying, the pace is quick with the reader wanting more with their cliff-hanging chapter ends and the book truly expressing the harmony of nature.

Even the cover is beautifully illustrated by artist, Chris Beatrice.

The Oldenglen series was begun by author Robin Mason and his father, Michael Mason. Robin completed books two and three completely by himself. Robin was born in England but spent considerable time in his childhood exploring an estate in British Columbia while his father read to him numerous books including The Chronicles of Narnia, The Hobbit, The Wind in the Willows, The Hobbit, and The Lord of The Rings trilogy.

This book is recommended for children from ages eight to twelve. Personally, I would find this book challenging for an eight-year old to read independently and believe this age level would thoroughly enjoy it as a read-aloud.

I also recommend this book be extended to readers through high school. In actuality readers of all ages, adult and children would completely enjoy Rogue Wolf.

Trapped by Michael Northrop – A Blizzard, Seven Stranded Students, and Teenage Hormones, Book Review

A relentless Tuesday morning snowfall prompts an early dismissal at Tattawa Regional High School in a rural New England town. Seven students (five sophomore boys and two freshman girls) waiting for rides home, soon realize that no one is coming to their rescue. When will they be found? How will they persevere? Will they all be found alive? That’s the premise of Trapped, written by Young Adult author, Michael Northrop.

Sophomore Scotty Weems narrates the group’s ordeal.

It soon becomes Survival of the Fittest. The students raid their lockers, searching for items to assuage their entrapment, including sweatshirts, gym clothes, and snack-packs of Oreos. “Any sharing or trading would be done among friends. I guess this was when we started keeping secrets,” says Scotty.

Two of Scotty’s friends, Pete Dubois and Jason Gillispie are among the stranded. Scotty describes Pete as a normal sophomore who wasn’t super hip or incredibly smart. Jason spends the limited daylight in the Industrial Arts room working on his go-kart project named, Flammenwerfer (German for flamethrower).

The students endure dead cell phone reception; sleeping on cold, hard tile floors; using bathrooms with soon-to-be frozen pipes; and forty-degree hallways.

As their nightmare continues, the clan brazenly decides to break into the cafeteria to quench their hunger. Canned peaches in heavy syrup, pudding, and half pints of white and chocolate milk are among their finds.

Scotty is torn between obeying invisible authority and acquiescing to the group’s cafeteria pilferage plan. He fears the robbery will affect his position on the school’s basketball team.

Trapped illustrates how people can be perceived differently, depending on the situation. During school time, stranded student, Les Goddard is known as a thug, and often detention-bound. Yet, he proves invaluable as a locksmith, able to break into desirable areas, including the cafeteria and nurse’s office. “The day before I’d been half afraid just to be around Les,” says Scotty.

Resourcefulness reigns, as the students use blankets from the nurse’s office and a battery-operated radio to listen to weather updates.

Teenage hormones accentuate the students’ experience, as Scotty is attracted to freshman, Krista O’Rea: “Just that morning, I’d spent about twenty quality minutes staring at the back of her neck on the bus, wordless and possibly drooling.” Pete and Julie Anders, Krista’s best friend, steal away in the darkness for kissing too.

Contemporary references to reality television star, Snooki and songstress Lady Gaga complement the young adult narrative.

Yes, Trapped is written for a youthful audience. Regardless of your age, you’ll find yourself wondering how you would act under similar conditions, perhaps stranded at your workplace or a civic group meeting.

Northrop’s well-written narrative and surprise ending authenticate Trapped’s accolades.

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Travel The World And Get Paid: Internships Abroad and Other Avenues For Young Adults

You’ve finished school – what’s next? You can stay home and relax. You can work at a local store and earn some money. You take your chance in another city and launch your career there. You can volunteer to spend your time and resources for a cause close to your heart. You can spend your time with friends and families, or you can use the opportunity to think and plan for your future. With so many possibilities and opportunities for you at this exact moment, why not go all-out? Why not go for the world-literally? Go overseas, travel the world and learn and earn during your trip.

One particular way to make your experience much more workable, structured as well as purposeful is to actually seek programs that offer paid internships abroad. Internships are very well liked among students, as it could also work as a fantastic way to create funding for your trip and also cost of living while you are away from home. The opportunity can also be a major factor to add in your portfolio or resume, as well as a way to start building your networks with the international professional arena. As well as other students from across the world that happen to be also involved with the program, you can actually live, learn, work and immerse yourselves as you negotiate various cultures and languages.

There are different terms of agreement if you get accepted for an internship abroad. Some internship programs provide some form of support, such as a monthly stipend and living allowances. Others combine monetary and logistics assistance, such as offering housing facilities you can share with your batch mates. The best internship programs are those that offer a comprehensive set-up wherein all your essential living arrangements and a few extras are covered. Seek a program that will be most suitable to your educational background and experience, as well as your financial capabilities.

One of the most sought-after travel opportunities for young people is the internship program. In case you are eligible for the program, you are offered the permit to work part-time or full-time to support your travel costs as you stay in the partner country of your choice.

It’s not surprising whenever the idea of travelling alone to a foreign land fills you with fear and trepidation. After all, leaving behind the people and places most familiar to you may be one of the most mentally stressful experiences you could ever have. The transition can be tough. Traversing to a location where the language, people, the way of life and even the food seem peculiar to you can be over-bearing. But with a well-made travel plan and an open way of thinking, you can learn to travel safely, with confidence, and with a positive understanding for the people and experiences you will confront on the trip. Have a safe trip!