How to Choose the Best Cruise for You – Part 3

Part 3 of 3

Thinking about taking a Caribbean cruise? There are so many choices to make and the decision making process can become a bit overwhelming. There are a few things you should consider when taking a cruise. Here is a list of things that will help you decide which cruise is best for you.

  • When to go
  • Where to go
  • What kind of cruise

Answering these three questions is a great start to planning a cruise. However, these aren’t easy questions to answer and with so many options for each question it is easy to understand how someone could become overwhelmed. So I have provided some information that might help make answering these questions a bit easier. For this article we are going to address the question “what kind of cruise?”

Are you looking for a romantic getaway for 2 or a family friendly ship that will accommodate your whole family? You may be a young adult looking for a singles cruise or a retired couple celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary. Although no matter what cruise you take, there will be a mix of young, old, single cruisers and families, but believe it or not some cruise lines have a reputation for catering to a certain clientele. For example, while all cruise lines are going to be family friendly, Disney Cruise Line is the first cruise line that comes to mind when I think of cruises for families with younger children.

Singles and young adults may want to turn to Carnival Cruise Line, also known as the “fun ships” for their cruise ship, while seniors may be better off choosing Royal Caribbean or Holland Cruise lines.

If you love to cruise but the thought of wearing a penguin suit makes you cringe, the Norwegian Cruise Line may be for you. Dress is always resort casual even in the main dining room and guest can dine anytime they want.

So when you find an destination you love, do some research to make sure the ship you are going to be on for the next week is going fit your lifestyle as well.

Your itinerary is another thing to keep in mind when trying to decide what type of Caribbean cruise to take. For those of you who want to visit as many islands as possible you may want to take an Eastern Caribbean cruise. These islands are very close together which makes the time to get from one port of call to the next very short. On the other hand if you want to spend some relaxing days at sea, a Western Caribbean cruise may be the cruise for you since the ports of call are a greater distance apart. Although you have total control over how active or laid back you would like your cruise to be, no matter what cruise you take, some cruises will have more ports of call than others and less days at sea.

Another way you can narrow down some of your cruise choices is by the length of the cruise. If this is your first cruise and you are not even sure if you will like taking a cruise, it may be best to book a 3 or 4 day cruise. This way if you find out cruising on a ship with 3000 passengers in not your thing you are not stuck for 3 more days. The down side of this would be that you discover that taking a cruise is the best vacation you have ever had, you may be kicking yourself all the way home for not booking a longer cruise. Like people always say, better safe than sorry, and hey, there’s always next year!